Fourth of July crowd


Campus Safety and Security:

The Citizenship Trust strives for a safe and secure American Village educational campus for students and other visitors.  The following Campus Safety and Security Policy is applicable to the entire American Village campus and facilities and shall be posted and distributed as appropriate.

(1) Firearms. The possession or carrying of a firearm by a visitor, employee, or other person on the American Village campus of the Citizenship Trust is not permitted.  However a law enforcement officer, a member of the United States Armed Forces or Reserve and Guard components thereof while on duty on premises, and security personnel who have been appointed by or engaged by the Trust may possess and carry a firearm.  In addition the executive director of the Trust may by written permit allow certain individuals to carry appropriate firearms without live ammunition for historical or military educational demonstration programs and patriotic programs.  Any non-permitted firearm must be safely secured in a locked vehicle parked in one of the campus perimeter parking lots. Appropriate signage will be posted at public and private event access admission and security control points.

(2) Controlled Substances. The possession and use of any controlled unlawful substance by any person on the American Village campus is not permitted. Any visitor with prescribed medications shall keep such prescription secure at all times. Each school or youth group shall monitor and regulate prescription medications for members of the school group in accordance with the policies duly adopted by the governing authority of such school or youth group.  

(3) Alcoholic Beverages. The possession or carrying of any alcoholic beverage on the American Village campus for a public event or program is not permitted. Any person lawfully possessing closed container beverages must safely secure them in a locked vehicle at one of the campus perimeter parking lots. Private event usage is governed under local law and other Village policy.    

(4) Smoking. Smoking is not permitted in any facility or within the inner campus of the American Village.

(5) Fireworks and Fire. No person may bring onto the American Village campus or possess, ignite, or deploy fireworks, firecrackers, firework fountains or rockets, sparklers, or other such fireworks items. Provided, the Village may engage a professional company and its employees and agents under its direct control to produce a fireworks display for certain events.  Except for certain groups specifically permitted in writing by the executive director, no person may bring or use any grills, cooking devices, fire pits, or similar open or closed flame instruments on the campus.  

(6) Animals. No animals (other than bona fide service animals for individuals with disabilities) may be admitted to the premises and facilities, nor kept within any parked vehicle.

(7) Other. The executive director is authorized to adopt, publish and give appropriate notice of other reasonable rules and regulations to protect the health and safety of persons on the American Village campus, including but not limited to, pedestrian and vehicular traffic procedures, use of motorized and non-motorized carts, emergency weather procedures, and other health and safety items.  


Rules/Regulations Adopted Pursuant to Section (7) of Safety and Security Policy


Admission to a public program or event is conditioned on the admitted person complying (a) with applicable laws, (b) with the foregoing safety and security policies, and (c) the following rules and regulations of the Citizenship Trust.

No person without specific authorization may enter or attempt to enter into any building, room, or space that is specifically identified as closed to the public.  Admitted persons may not bring into public or program space items which are deemed and identified to them by the Trust as a potential hazard to themselves, other persons, or to the facilities and programs of the Trust. The Trust reserves the right to inspect carry-items being brought onto campus by the public.

No person may conduct himself/herself in a manner that is intended or has the effect to disrupt, impair, or infringe on the ability of the Trust or its agents, employees, or contractors to conduct a program or event, and/or that is intended or has the effect to disrupt, impair, or infringe on the ability of duly admitted persons and audiences to enjoy or participate in programs or events of the Village. 

On-campus solicitation for commercial, non-commercial, political, or partisan purposes or products is not permitted, except by specific prior written authorization of the Trust, and if and when granted, shall not impinge on or interfere with Trust-sanctioned programs or events and the authorization will further regulate the time, place, and conditions of such authorization.   

The administration of safety and security policies is vested with law enforcement personnel, security, and with senior staff members.  The Trust fully reserves the right and asserts its intention to pursue any and/or all civil and criminal actions and remedies against persons who having been requested to comply with the rules, regulations, and policies and/or to withdraw from the property, do not do so.