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Welcome to the American Village Classroom

The American Village is grateful to educators around Alabama and the Nation who have brought students to this unique campus. Tens of thousands of students visit our campus annually where they discover the power and drama of America's journey for independence, liberty and self-government. It is here that students have the opportunity to participate in a classroom laboratory where they recreate and renew what Washington called "an experiment in self-government."

We believe the American Village is a national treasure, serving as an innovative American history and and civics educational center. Its educational vision, with programming initiated in 1999, is to build good citizens on the cornerstone of liberty. We consider it a privilege to welcome school groups. Our talented staf enjoys educating and inspiring young people to explore the remarkable foundations of our country, and to consider the obligations of being good citizens.

We stand ready to make your visit to the American Village a revolutionary educational experience!


We hope you will take this opportunity to: