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2021-2022 School Schedule

The American Village is excited to announce that it will begin educational programs for the 2021-2022 school year on October 4. 

SECURING THE BLESSINGS OF LIBERTY: Pre-K through High School Program Schedule

As a teacher, you play a very important role in the lives of your students. Take them on one of the most important field trips they may ever experience. Coming to the American Village is a great adventure! Students are stepping into an experience that is impactful, engaging, inspiring,...and FUN! A great value at only $10/student!

We invite you and your students to experience the stories of America's journey for independence, liberty and self-government. Step into the scene and experience the risks, uncertainties, and dramatic events as they unfolded during America's revolutionary decision to declare its independence. The American Village offers an opportunity for your students to become active participants in "Securing the Blessings of Liberty" and leave with a better foundation for good citizenship.

More than a field trip, the American Village educational programs are tied directly to objectives in state courses of study in history, citizenship (civics) and government, as well as graduation standards. Students from every grade level benefit as they participate in experiential learning.

Unique in its mission to strengthen and renew the foundations of American liberty and self-government through citizenship education, the American Village is an educational experience like no other!


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What are teachers saying about our programs? 

“The interactive nature of the program truly engaged my students in learning.”
—Mary Beth, Tupelo Christian Prep School

We loved the program and plan to return yearly. The quality was very professional and addresses our standards so well. Thank you for providing such quality programming for our students!”
—Rachel, Northport Elementary School

“Helping students understand our checks and balances in governing and why Congress is structured to represent our citizens as it is was a very motivating experience. The lessons utilized great teaching strategies!”
—Catherine, Mortimer Jordan High School