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Tour the National Veterans Shrine and Register of Honor as part of the American Village signature public program.

The National Veterans Shrine is patterned after Philadelphia's Carpenters Hall. The Shrine honors our veterans' service and sacrifice for America and its freedom. It features major sculpture and paintings by nationally-renowned artists. Interactive media, artifacts and exhibits will help answer the questions: "Who are our country's veterans?" "What did they do for our country?" and "What do we owe them?"

Housed within the Shrine is the Veterans Register of Honor, a website and database containing photographs, biographical sketches, and stories of America's veterans and active members of the United States Armed Forces.

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Honor the veterans in your family by inclusion in the Veterans Register of Honor

We invite veterans, their families, and friends to visit www.veteransregisterofhonor.com and learn how they can without charge, register biographical sketches of Alabama’s and America's veterans and active members of the United States Armed Forces.  Individuals can also upload up to five photographs and three videos. The Register of Honor is housed in the new National Veterans Shrine. Click on the link below to visit the website and register your veteran or active member of the United States Armed Forces.


We offer a free downloadable PDF that will provide an outline of the information that may be included in the Register of Honor. This guide will help you have all the data you need in one place before registering your veteran honoree.

Download the "How to Register a Veteran" PDF.